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Volunteer in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta free!

17 March, 2011


Monday 26 April 2010.

We have a limited number of places for volunteers willing to perform activities that require physical effort, these activities will be carried out between 22nd June and 31st August 2010, to repair and improve roads and ecological trails of the reserve El Dorado in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Colombian or foreign volunteers are required in good physical condition, with great enthusiasm to work a minimum of four weeks. In return we provide the accommodation and food free.

Activities will focus on the maintenance of the infrastructure of the reserve, and these activities involve the use of tools such as pickaxes, machetes, axes, shovels and wheel-burrow.


At the time that applicants are approved, they must pay the registration fee and location which is $ 200,000 pesos or U.S. $ 100 (PayPal payment via credit card or other means).

Volunteers must pay travel costs to Santa Marta. The cost of all meals and accommodation in the Reserve El Dorado are provided for free. ProAves also provide transportation for all the volunteers from Santa Marta to the Reserve.

To apply please send letter of intent and resume (including two personal references) to before 7th May.

There are only a limited number of places, so send your application now and secure your place!