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Women for Conservation seeking international markets

31 March, 2014


The initiative of Women for Conservation participated in the latest version of an important showcase for sustainable fashion called Brand Preview, this showcase allows access to a wide audience around the world through the Ethical Fashion Forum which has over 7,000 members in 130 countries.

The initiative of Women for Conservation which has the Wildlife Friendly ® certification, works with women living in the areas surrounding the ProAves foundation reserves providing job opportunities through training in the production of jewelry with natural seeds helping them understand and actively participate in conservation.


Tagua seeds



Brand Preview 2014, is a showcase of fashion business whose dynamics is completely virtual, this year the event was held between 4 and 5 February, during these two days each brand had a space of 10 minutes to present themselves and answer questions from buyers; this event is one of the most exciting spaces and one of the best opportunities for sustainable fashion brands to do business. 

Sustainable production of jewelry not only empowers the Colombian artisans to be financially independent, but it becomes a catalyst for change in their own communities through initiatives linked to protect two species of endangered birds, the Bluebilled Curassow (Crax alberti) and the Santa Marta Parakeet (Pyrrhura viridicata), both endemic to Colombia.

Recently the renowned naturalist , author and host of English television programs, Nick Baker, has offered to be one of the ambassadors of the project Women for Conservation and says: ‘Being a conservationist man, I find it is difficult to find gifts for the ladies in my life, but when I learned about Women for Conservation I was glad about the work they are doing , empowering women living near some of the most biodiverse areas in Colombia to have economic independence, using sustainable products found in nature. Buying these beautiful pieces will be supporting the invaluable conservation work giving value to systems of wild forests (many of the materials can be found in nature as part of the ecosystem) promoting sustainable handicrafts of the region but with the added value of knowing that is helping to empower rural women, the artists behind these wonderful creations. Of course, these creations are not just for women , I have one of the bracelets on my wrist as I write this. I take a little bit of the spirit of the jungle of Colombia to everywhere I go. “


Nick Baker and Elizabeth Salaman, Women for conservation CEO

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