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Yellow-eared Parrot and Wax Palm parade

7 March, 2011


Wednesday 15 April 2009.

Despite a rainy day, the community of Jardín, Antioquia, hit the streets on March 17, 2009, celebrating the beginning of the eighth campaign, led by Fundación ProAves and supported by Loro Parque Fundación, to promote Yellow-eared Parrot and Wax Palm conservation awareness in Colombia.


With banners inviting to conserve the parrot and the palm, Jardín’s community paraded along the town’s main streets, and reached the principal park where a closing session was performed. It involved Ana Cristina Velásquez, ProAves’ environmental educator in the town, and the municipality, Immaculate Conception parish, Empresas Públicas de Jardín, Fire Department, National and Environmental Police, and trade representatives of the town.

The parade was lead by students from ten Bird Friendly Schools, and the Bird Friendly, Social Service and Young Researchers groups, all from ProAves, as well as students and teachers from the other municipality schools and the community in general. Participants came from all parts, even distant parts of the countryside – showing their willingness to campaign for conservation.


Thanks to ProAves leadership, this town has become a symbol of the two species conservation and has contributed significantly to the recovery of the Parrot population. Throughout March, the campaign continued with television and radio broadcasted programs, ecological workshops and activities for the entire community. One of these was the campaign to collect litter along the roads close to the population and their subsequent separation and recycling. The campaign coincided with the inauguration of the new regional headquarters of ProAves in Jardín.

ProAves wishes to thank many who supported the parade: Papelería y Confitería Eddy, Zapatería Don Chepe,, Panadería La Monera, Café Internet, Panadería Tortas Pan, Restaurante Las Margaritas, Cooperativa Integral de Jardín, Almacén El Bebé, Miscelánea Mil Colores, Supermercado J. J., Bar Lunática and Restaurante Zodíaco. ProAves also acknowledges the continue support of Radio Jardín, Fundación Loro Parque, and municipality of Jardín.


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