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4th Blue-billed Curassow Festival completed

16 October, 2007


Friday 26 October 2007.

Last August 2007 the 4th Blue-billed Curassow Festival was held in the municipality of Puerto Pinzón and two surrounding towns in the department of Boyacá, in the Magdalena valley, with the slogan: “Let’s protect the Blue-billed Curassow, a Critically Endangered species!! Join this initiative by ProAves!”


Materials produced by children for the 4th Blue-billed Curassow Festival.

Twenty three workshops and leisure, sportive and environmental activities were conducted for more than 800 participants, including the development and delivery of informative material, reforestation with the group “Amigos de las Aves” and media promotion. Also, the municipality of Puerto Pinzón contributed with a kite festival and a Blue-billed Curassow championship, among other activities.


Reforestation, crafts and a closure parade.

One of the great achievements of this festival is spreading it to other key areas for the species in the Magdalena valley, such as the towns of La Arenosa and Quince Letras and obtaining the support from the municipality of Puerto Boyacá and other institutions interested in the environmental problems of the region.

These achievements would not have been possible without the support of: