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A solar panel for the Cucarachero Chicamocha RNA, An economic and

1 March, 2011


Thursday 4 February 2010.

The solar panel is a glass panel that collects the energy from sunlight, which is converted into rechargeable energy; it is then transformed from watts to volts and stored in a common battery of 90 amps.

The main advantage is that solar panels are harmless to the environment, do not generate pollution and deliver clean energy that does not need to be transported and that is generated in the same place where it will be used, in addition to being a saver, it is really the appropriate use of solar energy, also known as clean energy or green energy.

The Panel has already been successfully tested in the Reserve on computer equipment, flashlights, cellular phones and lights. The object is to supply facilities with energy, preparing for the accommodation of future researchers and visitors, for food production and conservation, the use of equipment and general lighting.


Niceforos’s wren bird reserve.


Transportation and installation of the Panel.

The panel is a piece of armable structure with low weight, simple and robust and contains a converter, a battery to store power, connector cables, as well as the equipment needed and this type of solar panels also works on very cloudy days, the panel is small and catches light, which is stored in the battery.

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