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Cerulean Warbler Coffee for sale

5 March, 2012


 This is premium coffee produced within the plantations of the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve and is certified by Rainforest Alliance, in the category of “Specialty Coffee.”

These coffee plantations constitute the habitat of the Cerulean Warbler (Dendroica cerulea), during their winter migration from North America to the montane forests in the center of Colombia.

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The Cerulean Warbler Coffee is grown under the shade of native trees (reforestation with native species) with approximately 150 trees per lot, providing the soil with nutrients and moisture for growing coffee. We avoid the use of agrochemicals, allowing the beans to ripen slowly, increasing the content of sugars and proteins that result in a better quality bean with excellent aroma, flavor, acidity, and body.

The coffee we consume daily has a significant effect on forests around the world, by supporting Cerulean Warbler Coffee, consumers are contributing to the conservation of these ecosystems and the preservation of not only the Cerulean Warbler but other great birds like the Boreal Pewee (Contopus cooperi) and the Canada Warbler (Wilsonia Canadensis) which are also migratory and utilize this same habitat. 

Support bird conservation by purchasing some quality Colombian coffee!!!!


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Video Shade Coffee and the Birds