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New ProAves reserve thanks to land donation

5 March, 2012


The property is called “la M”, and is situated between the towns of Carmen de Atrato (Chocó Department) and Urrao (Antioquia Department).

The La M property has an approximate area of 53 hectares of Andean montane and cloud forests; these are forests of vital importance, since they are the habitat of the Negretti Wren (Henichorina Negretti) a Critically Endangered endemic species, and the Tangarino Sparrow (Oreothraupis Arremonops) a Vulnerable species according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The forests of this property also help in the regulation of water in the Chocó biogeographic region and the Colombian Pacific as both are important sources of the Atrato River.

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We wish to sincerely thank Mr. Sergio Agudelo for his generosity and interest in supporting conservation in the municipality of Carmen de Atrato. Mr. Agudelo’s work began some decades ago when he decided to conserve this part of his property, later he discovered the work of ProAves, and realized that our mission and objectives were closely associated with what he wanted for his property.

This donation is a great example of how the community and its initiatives can support conservation of our fauna and flora. The aim is to create a Nature Bird Reserve for the Negretti Wren and the Tangarino Sparrow, and to manage the activities necessary for a protected area.


Mr. Sergio de Jesus Agudelo Valderrama was born in the town of Carmen de Atrato (Chocó Department), is 79 years old and currently lives in the city of Medellín (Antioquia Department). Mr. Agudelo studied Social and Political Sciences and psychology at the University of Antioquia, and completed his PhD from the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain).