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Developing a Cerulean Warbler wintering Conservation Plan

11 January, 2008


Tuesday 22 January 2008.

American Bird Conservancy in collaboration with ProAves-Colombia, ECOAN – Peru and Jocotoco-Ecuador are leading the design of draft version of a Cerulean Warbler Conservation Plan for this species in its wintering areas.


Coffee and coffee plantations in the mountains of Colombia.

This initiative is part of the conservation actions of Cerulean Group, which is a subcommittee of Cerulean Warbler Technical Group. The main goal is to develop further ideas based on studies carried out by members of the Group, considering the wintering season in the Northern South America.

ProAves would like to invite everybody interest to be part of this plan to participate in the next two meetings where the drafts of the conservation plan will be revised. The first meeting will take place on February 12, 2008, in McAllen, Texas (Frontera Office Audubon, 1101S Texas Blvd, Weslaco, TX, 78596), and the second meeting will be held in October 21-25, 2008, at Bogotá D. C and San Vicente de Chucurí, Colombia, a part of the III Cerulean Warbler Technical Group Summit, where a final version of the plan is expected to be produced.

Click here for more information of the meetings.

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