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Discovery of a new species of butterfly for science

3 November, 2016


Magneuptychia pax.  © Natural History Museum

ProAves publishes volume Number 24 of the scientific journal Colombian Conservation  October 27, 2016; a special edition dedicated to peace and the conservation of biodiversity in Colombia. It should be noted again that the list of birds of Colombia increased to 1,937 species.

For this edition the discovery of a new species of butterfly to science stands out and its name is dedicated to peace. This butterfly flies only in certain areas of the Amazon region of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. This new species was described by an international team of experts led by Dr. Blanca Huertas (Natural History Museum, UK) in collaboration with Dr. Gerardo Lamas (National University of San Marcos, Peru), Giovanny Fagua (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia), Dr. James Mallet (Harvard University, USA); and Shinichi Nakahara and Dr. Keith Willmott (University of Florida, USA).

The President of Colombia views the newly identified butterfly, Magneuptychia pax © Natural History Museum.

The name of this butterfly, Magneuptychia pax, is dedicated to the ongoing peace process in Colombia and to all those affected by the conflict, including those forests which the species inhabits; It is probably one of the hundreds of species present in Colombia that are still unknown to science. It is described in this issue we want it to be an important message in our editorial page we want to discuss the current context of the peace process in Colombia entitled Peace and Conservation.

The species epithet pax means peace in Latin.

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The President of Colombia views the newly identified butterfly, Magneuptychia pax, in the Museum’s Darwin Centre © Natural History Museum.