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Dysithamnus occidentalis

30 March, 2007



Female D. occidentalis


The Bicolored Antvireo (Dysithamnus occidentalis), is within the group of species with some risk of extinction – Vulnerable (VU) – in the Natural National Park Munchique, which is under strong pressure due to the destruction and fragmentation of its habitat as a result of deforestation and the expansion of agricultural frontiers, thus shrinking their habitat, this decrease is observed in approximately 50% of the potential range of the species, which has a greater extent compared to the usable area.

In 2007 work took place to characterize the habitat and estimate the population abundance of this endangered species in the Natural Bird Reserve Mirabilis-Swarovski in el Tambo, Cauca. During this study the floristic and structural characteristics of the habitat used by the species was determined.

It was found that the habitat characteristics studied are representative of the montane rain forest because of the importance of the Rubiaceae and Melastomataceae families, and some of its genres for their structural aspect, with most individuals in the undergrowth stratum indicating that it is in a secondary state.

The forest studied presented tree and undergrowth strata, which have the highest density of individuals and species, in addition, most individuals had low levels of DAP. These characteristics of secondary forest and in advanced stages of succession may be the most conducive to the presence of D. occidentalis.


Male D. occidentalis

Palicourea heterochroma species, Ladenbergia oblongifolia, Monnina pulchra, Chamaedorea sp. and Hieronyma oblong were the most dominant and had the highest importance values ??in the forest characterized. These species may be most appropriate for D. occidentalis to find the specific conditions for their foraging, perching and nesting activities. Moreover, these species provided the main forest cover for the two strata.

-Carmargo Restrepo, S., & JF Medina – Muñoz. 2007. Habitat characterization and estimation of population abundance of Bicolored Antvireo Dysithamnus occidentalis (Aves, Thamnophilidae), sector July 20, Bird Nature Reserve Mirabilis – Swarovski, El Tambo, Cauca. See summary here.