Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Educational resources

17 February, 2009


The activities carried out through out the country, allow ProAves to collect first hand information that contributes to the generation of scientific knowledge in Colombia. We intend to use this knowledge and expertise transforming it into editorial products used in workshops, talks and environmental education activities.

As a result, ProAves has great quality products, such as cards, bookmarks, stickers, posters and games.



Workbooks: these are educational materials used to transmit knowledge to kids, youngsters and adults in Colombia. They are design to teach diverse topics related to the environment, especially endangered bird species in Colombia.

Posters: these are graphic pieces used as visual tool for the general public over diverse educational and enjoyable topics and activities.


Stickers and bookmarks: these are also graphic pieces used in the activities of environmental education as a complement to different topics seeing Turing the educational activities.

Games are didactic tools that complement the learning process of the participants. These games are:

Birds’ Bingo: this game includes 5 boards, each one divided in migratory birds, endemic birds, aquatic birds, endangered parrots and macaws subject to illegal traffic. How is it played: groups of six people are formed, one of them being selected as leader, whom will be in charge of the game. Each participant picks a board and the leader begins the game by mentioning a bird name, picking out a coin and delivering it the other members of the group. Whoever fills in the board first will be the winner. The difficulty of this game is that participants must learn the names of the birds contained in their board.


Migratory Birds’ staircase: this game is a complement to the activities of environmental education; the board has a “staircase” of 36 blocks. In order to advance, participants must toss a dice. Each block of the staircase contains a question that participants must answer correctly in order to keep advancing. The Staircase has information over the migration of the birds, the dangers implied in migration, some migratory species and all the effects that migration means to them.

Domino of endangered parrots: this domino game has no numbers; instead there are images of endangered species in Colombia. Participants must choose which specie will open the game and it ends when one of the participants ends laying out all the seven pieces given at the beginning.