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Eight New Ecological Easements

12 May, 2011


Wednesday 23 September 2009.

The program was created two years ago, and already thirteen ecological easements have been established in the country. Eleven were set up this year, and three of those were in San Vicente de Chucuri, Santander, within the Cerulean Warbler corridor. The easements protect strips of forest that are on coffee and cacao farms. The trees provide native shade for the crops and a place for migratory birds like the Dendroica cerulea (Cerulean Warbler) to arrive.

Recently eight easements were approved in the town of Jardin, Antioquia for the conservation of the Yellow-eared Parrot. They are ecological easements because they protect and conserve the culture of Jardin’s threatened flora and fauna. With the easements in place, the local government becomes connected to conservation efforts, whose aim is to conserve these areas forever. That is why ProAves conserves 458 hectares of land that protect the habitats of threatened species.

Five other easements are currently in process that will further strengthen habitat conservation for many species within the Cerulean Warbler corridor in San Vicente de Chucuri.

We would like to thank all of the government and non-government institutions that develop and approve conservation initiatives and that provide support for their establishment and implementation. Our thanks also go to the local governments in Jardín, Antioquia and San Vicente de Chucuri, Santander to Corantioquia to American Bird Conservancy, Loro Parque Fundación and to all of the community members who have been part of this process.

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Jardin San_Vicente_Chucur Yar
Jardín (Antioquia) San Vicente de Chucurí (Santander)