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New permanent ecological easements

12 May, 2011


Tuesday 24 March 2009.

With the support of Fundación Loro Parque and American Bird Conservancy, ProAves has established a second permanent ecological easement in Colombia, benefiting the Critically Endangered Yellow-eared Parrot. The easement was created beside the Yellow-eared Parrot Bird Reserve. The farm is called La Antioqueña, in Riosucio, department of Caldas.

The Antioqueña is a 1038 acres farm situated at 2600-2850 meters elevation and located in the humid montane forest lifezone. It includes 692 acres of forest and 346 acres of pasturelands for cattle. This area represents a critical site for the Yellow-eared Parrot for reproduction and feeding due to the presence of the Wax Palm and key foraging trees such as Cytharexilum subflavescens, Croton magdalenensis and Sapium utyle.

Panorámica de la finca La Antioqueña y de la Reserva Natural Loro Orejiamarillo

Panoramical of Farm La Antioqueña and Yellow-eared Parrot Bird Reserve.

The farm owners are Julia Amparo Velásquez Mejía and Gildardo Alzate Gómez, a couple of veterinary doctors devoted to conservation since they bought this land twenty years ago with the aim of having a place to teach and share their love for nature with their children. With their help, ProAves will implement direct conservation actions including silvopasture, forest fragment protection and Wax Palm reforestation.

Protecting the area is vital to counteract the many threatens presented in the municipality of Riosucio due to the lack of adequate conservation programs, land use and pressures from illegal logging and charcoal production. 

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