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El Dorado: a critical site for plant conservation

23 February, 2011


Wednesday 4 November 2009.

In the El Dorado Natural Reserve one can find one of the highest concentrations of endemic bird species in the world.

One of the groups in the El Dorado Nature Reserve with the highest number of priority species for conservation, due to either their threatened status or their restricted distribution are plants. Up to 28 species have been registered, of which 21 are exclusive to the Sierra Nevada and 16 have been reported as threatened species.


Salvia de San Lorenzo – Arbusto Monochaetum magdalenense.


Colmenero (Paragynoxys undatifolia) – Paraguas (Gunnera tavrona) – Manzano de monte (Pouteria arguacoensium).

Some of the priority protected species of the El Dorado Nature Reserva are: the mountain apple (Pouteria arguacoensium), the Colmenero (Paragynoxys undatifolia), the Colombian pine (Podocarpus oleifolius), and the paraguas (Gunnera tavrona). The bromeliads and the melastomes in particular stand out within this group of important plants because of their diversity and beauty.

Several of these species are being recovered within the reserve, through reforestation and habitat restoration. 

Visit the El Dorado reserve and get to know these beautiful and unique species!

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