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Total prevention of bird crashes in El Dorado

23 February, 2011


Friday 31 July 2009.

Thanks to the support of the American Bird Conservancy and Joan Hero, ProAves has manage to avoid in El Dorado Reserve one of the mayor issues presented in bird conservation around infrastructures with windows, which is the crash of birds against glass reflecting the landscape of their habitat. These crashes normally end up as injuries or death to the birds.

The window covers produced by the company, are auto adherent to the surface of the window. Thousand of small perforations allow light pass through the inside, reducing the reflection and transparency of the window, two factors involved in the reflection of the landscape and consequently cause the crash of birds against the windows.


Installation Process.

Nowadays we can announce with satisfaction that since the installation of these covers at the end of 2008, there has been no new coalition. This proves this technology is rather efficient. Additionally, the covers specially produced with bird images taken within the reserve are a visual complement to the environment.

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