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Yellow-throated Warbler: Colombia first “twitch”

24 February, 2011


Tuesday 2 June 2009.

On 4 November 2007 EcoTurs guide Trevor Ellery first observed a Yellow-throated Warbler at El Dorado Bird Reserve.Unaware of the previous observation, Thomas Donegan observed presumably the same individual at the very same spot on 3 January 2009. Two observations of this Neotropical vagrant at the same locality sparked what may be one of the first examples of a “twitch” in Colombia (an activity where sometimes hundreds of birdwatchers will travel to a site to observe a very rare bird species).


Birding in El Dorado Bird Reserve.

News of the sighting was spread on the website, by Ecoturs to groups visiting the reserve and by reserve staff to other visitors. Various bird tour groups and birdwatchers made a special effort to observe this rarespecies. For example, on 20 February 2009,photographs and a video were taken by Deb Hahn and Guy Foulks respectively on another tour guided by Trevor Ellery.

You can see the video of this rare bird at