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El Pangan Bird Reserve celebrates its 10th Anniversary

1 March, 2011


Wednesday 16 December 2009.

Established in 2000, El Pangán (indigenous name for the Long-wattled Umbrellabird) was the first Bird Reserve started by ProAves, with the goal of conserving one of the forests of high endemism of the southwest slopes of the Andes. It is located in the municipality of Barbacoas, Nariño Department.

It guarantees protected habitat for 48 bird species with restricted distribution and threats, while protecting a myriad of species of different orders, which heightens the need and urgency to strengthen conservation projects developed and projected into the future. The Reserve is today an example of conservation in the country.


The fulfillment of many of the goals set year after year in the Reserve is the result of the work of a large group of responsible and committed people who work every day for the conservation of biodiversity in this zone, where they have consolidated an efficient method of control of hunters and illegal wood traffickers through constant vigilance of the areas around the Reserve, in addition to the permanent presence and constant contact with the community in the protected area by establishing different conservation initiatives.

Visiting and enjoying this landscape is easier today thanks to the improvement of a suitable infrastructure that in addition to facilitating the work of conservation, research and environmental education taking place in the Reserve, excellent care to all people who love nature and close contact with wildlife that decide to visit us.


Piece of art made by plastic artists and illustrators Paula Laverde y Fernando Romero of the Conservation and Arts Foundation.

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