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First nest box occupied by the Rusty-faced Parrot

8 August, 2012




We celebrate the first nest attempt of the Rusty-faced Parrot (Hapalopsittaca amazonina) in a nest-box provided by ProAves in the Colibri del Sol Reserve.

The nest box was occupied by a pair of Rusty-faced Parrot who laid a single egg on April 11, and then raised the single chick until 13 July when the chick successfully fledged from the nest.

“The first record of the use of nest-boxes provided by ProAves for the Rusty-faced Parrot is of great importance and provides hope for the conservation of the Rusty-faced Parrot. With the support from Fundación Loro Parque, we implemented the program of artificial nest boxes in the Colibrí del sol Bird Reserve with the intention of assisting the species recovery through providing optimal conditions for breeding.” said Lina Daza, Executive Director of ProAves.

ProAves created the Artificial Nest box Program in 2003 with the support of Fundación Loro Parque as a conservation initiative, which is a response to the lack of natural cavities for threatened parrots across Colombia as mature trees and palms with cavities are often cut down for timber and firewood. ProAves has been developing the Program as a means to increase potential nesting sites for endangered parrots.

With the occupation of the nest boxes the reproductive behavior of each species can be studied.

Many individuals of the Rusty-faced Parrot made explorations of the 41 nest boxes provided, so perhaps more pairs of the species could occupy nests in the next breeding season.

Fundación ProAves performs monthly activities of Conservation, Research and Environmental Education in the Colibrí del Sol Bird Reserve for the Hapalopsittaca amazonina to raise awareness in the community regarding the protection and conservation of the species.

The Colibrí del Sol Nature Reserve was created in 2005 with the support of American Bird Conservancy, and is located in the municipality of Urrao, Antioquia, with and an area of 1,800 acres of high Andean forest and páramo habitat for the Dusky starfrontlet (Coligena orina) and Fenwick’s Antpitta (Grallaria fenwickorum), which are both Critically Endangered.

Adopt a nest

To prevent the extinction of a species of parrot in Colombia, you can support us through your donation online to Adopt a nest, which is sponsoring the exploration, construction, monitoring and evaluation of natural and artificial nests for a year of some of the most endangered parrot species in the country. To donate, simply click Here to complete the adoption form.

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