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Great success for the Yellow-eared Parrot

28 May, 2007


Wednesday 6 December 2006.

The population of the Yellow-eared Parrot has increased greatly since ProAves began to conserve this species in 1998 when known from just 81 birds. With nine years of work, the population is estimated today at almost 800 individuals, and has two key colonies in Antioquia and Tolima, each one with approximately 300 adults and 70 juveniles.

Since 2004, some groups have been re-colonizing their former colony sites in the Central Cordillera. During 2007, with Loro Parque Foundation and American Bird Conservancy, we are proposing to change the Yellow-eared Parrot’s status to the category of “Endangered”, being one of the few true successes for conservation of a bird in risk of extinction in Latin America.