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Huge boost for Yellow-eared Parrot population

11 August, 2008


Wednesday 10 September 2008.

Unprecedented progress has been made for the conservation of the Critically Endangered Yellow-eared Parrot in Colombia. A total of 80 natural and artificial nests of the species were reported and monitored by ProAves permitting the successful fledging of 203 chicks.


These results highlight the successes of ten years to demonstrate that continue conservation actions developed by ProAves and Loro Parque, together with our Wax Palm and Yellow-eared Parrot campaign, environmental education campaigns and activities, reforestation of key areas and involvement of the local communities, have led to a sustained population increase for this flagship species in Colombia and the Andes of South America. Importantly, the Yellow-eared Parrot population has now climbed to over 1,000 individuals from an originals 81 birds discovered by ProAves in April 1999.

The Yellow-eared Parrot is now returning to areas it historically inhabited before being persecuted and with more nest boxes and palms available we hope that soon it will be a common sight across the Andes of Colombia and Ecuador.

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