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8 October, 2010



Research is at the core of every one of our preservation actions.

The belief that biodiversity can not be preserved by ad hoc actions is becoming an increasing tendency in the conservationist community. They think that the threat is too overwhelming to be addressed by the limited resources available in the form of projects that lack a strategic line and a sound basis for the monitoring of its activities.

The field of research of Fundación ProAves has a 10 years proven experience and expertise in the design and implementation of projects that increase the scientific knowledge concerning some species allowing us to know the economic requirements for their conservation as well as the threats that would endanger their well being.

ProAves has worked with 78% of the total endangered and vulnerable species of Colombia and our mission is to continue and to increase our research activities so that we will be able to design and implement conservational activities aimed at covering 95% of the population of endangered bird species in Colombia.

The work that we have carried out so far has only been possible thanks to the generous donations of our contributors, the environmental agencies collaborating with us in the area and to the community that have always been closely and enthusiastically linked to each one of our projects.

The different projects implemented by Fundación ProAves are:

Thereatened parrots

The parrot species belongs to the Psittacidae family, the world most endangered bird species. 21% of them are in danger and this is the reason why ProAves has dedicated its actions to look after these species since 1999.

Migratory Birds Project

The aim of this project is to monitor and preserve neo-tropical endangered migratory birds. From 27 monitoring stations located in different regions of Colombia our team registers all the data concerning these migratory birds.

Threatened bird species project

9% of bird species in Colombia are listed in any danger and 21% of these are endemic, ProAves understands its importance and struggle to keep them.


ProAves is trying to implement a monitoring system for birds using the standardized methodologies available in Colombia. With this procedure, the Foundation hopes to compile the necessary information to develop strategic programs and to build the basis for the preservation of the different bird species endangered.

Database Project

Since 2003 ProAves has dedicated its efforts to gather information with an emphasis on the threatened species of Colombia so as to determine the preservation needs that they require. If you want to support our research activities around Colombia please donate on line or write to

Programas desarrollados:

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