Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

IX Migratory Bird Festival 2012

16 October, 2012



The Festival will be held in 4 regions of the country: Roncesvalles (Tolima); Jardín (Antioquia), Génova (Quindío) and San Vicente de Chucurí (Santander); a variety of activities have been scheduled within which we will have observational outings, workshops, lectures, neighborhood outlets, radio programs, cultural performances and parades all framed within the objective of generating knowledge about these beautiful and important visitors.

Since 2004 Fundación ProAves has held the Migratory Bird Festival continuously for the sole purpose of making known to the communities the importance of preserving the habitats of our guests of honor, trying to ensure the habitat of hundreds of birds that travel each year from North America to southern South America.

ProAves recognizes the importance of taking actions to achieve behavioral changes aimed at conservation which is why the Festival of Migratory Birds symbolically contributes to the promotion, recognition and interest in providing responsible actions and solidarity of the people in relation to the biodiversity of our country and the entire continent.


Poster: Alban Banco Luna

During the festival we expect the participation of more than 5,000 people including adults, children and young people from all parts of Colombia, especially in the municipality of San Vincent de Chucurí in the department of Santander, where the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve is located, the first Reserve created in South America for the conservation of a migratory bird.

On October 20 there will be an observational walk along the Reserve trails, where we will have the involvement of the San Vicente community, including several educational institutions and the Mayor of the municipality; during the walk we hope our migratory friends will give us a chance to admire them in all their splendor, beauty and strength.

On Saturday October 27 the closing parade, whose central theme is the habitat of migratory birds during their stay in the tropics, will close with decorated floats adorned as coffee trees, water sources, forests and birds which will roam the main streets of town, likewise, with different costumes, large banners, dances and plays by children, young people and adults around the town saying “Welcome traveling friends”

Join us in the celebration.

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