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Kids restore the forest in Sierra Nevada

16 May, 2011


Friday 31 July 2009.

On May 9, 2009, 9 kids living close to El Dorado Bird Natural Reserve were part of a full day of reforestation within the area of the reserve. This activity was created to show the importance of restoring native habitats of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, benefiting one endemic and endangered species of this habitat, the Little-Parrot of Santa Maria (Pyrrhura viridicata).

This beautiful bird has been suffering since many of the native trees were replaced by exotic pinecone trees in some areas and total deforestation in others.

0,18 hectares were designated to be reforested. 181 trees of four endemic species were planted, such as the Ramo Palm (Ceroxylum ceriferum), use by the Little-Parrot of Santa Maria’s main site of nesting, and the Sangro (Croton sp), which it’s the birds main source of food. The four varieties of trees were grown within the botanic nursery of the reserve.

Besides the kids, other people participated in this activity: the teacher in charge of the school group, her assistant, two people for the construction of the fence surrounding the terrain and the reserve’s team. The aim is to continue with restoring habitats in the reserve and in its muffling zone, all with the support of the community and the kids.

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