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La Sierra es Mujer: The women of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta organize second annual Entrepreneurship Fair

31 March, 2023


The event brought together more than 100 rural women and entrepreneurs from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and was also attended by institutions such as ProAves, the Women’s Secretariat, the Mio Foundation and some district councilors.

La Sierra es Mujer was a fair to recognize the women’s contributions to society  and celebrate their work as artisans, protectors of wildlife, and weavers of dreams in their communities.

Women for Conservation and ProAves have been training women in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta as part of our mission to economically incentivize conservation through the promotion of sustainable livelihood opportunities. We work to strategically supplement household income and provide financial independence to women, through workshops in hospitality, culinary skills, and artisanal craft making with natural materials such as tagua seed. This fair provided an opportunity for these women to showcase their entrepreneurship, strengthen the ties between rural communities, and highlight the empowerment of Santa Marta women.


“In this second fair we want to highlight the role women play in the conservation of an area as important as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. At the same time, we celebrate the beauty of women in the family and in all aspects of society.” Expressed Sara Inés Lara, Executive Director of Women for Conservation



Daniela Julio, a member of Women for Conservation, felt that La Sierra es Mujer created an opportunity for women to attract new customers in the region.

“I found the Fair incredible because it brought together women from many different villages of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It has provided an opportunity for them to share their different micro-businesses with the larger community.”


Women for Conservation and ProAves are dedicated to promoting nature conservation through the empowerment of women, and are always looking to support initiatives that create opportunities for women to succeed.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the incredible women of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for their unwavering dedication to preserving the unique biodiversity of this region. Their tireless efforts to promote gender equality and local environmental responsibility are truly inspiring. We’re proud to stand with these empowered women who are not only eco-conscious entrepreneurs but also passionate environmental catalysts.

Today and everyday, we celebrate empowered women, entrepreneurs, and guardians of wildlife!