Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Migratory Bird Festival

15 October, 2010



Paula Romero y Fernando Laverde

Fundación Arte y Conservación. Campaña 2010.

Each year during winter, thousands of birds travel from North America and from South America towards Central and South America looking for warm climate. This phenomenon is called migration, but due to the destruction of the ecosystems, each time fewer birds are able to find a place where to eat, live and spend the months of the migratory season.

Because of that, since 2004, ProAves, has been carrying out activities of conservation and environmental education, together with local communities and in key areas for migration, the Migratory Bird Festival. The festival is developed through-out the country and it has been established as a dynamic and educational event where diverse activities focused to environmental education are carried out. This Festival is made during October, enhancing the importance of migration and conservation of the ecosystems where migratory birds arrive. These activities are directed to the general public, but there is always more emphasis to kinds since they are the conservationist of the future.

The objective of this festival is to promote the interest of the communities in the knowledge of migratory birds and the importance to preserve their habitat. In addition, the festival seeks to strengthen and consolidate the network of organizations and people committed to wild birds’ conservation in the country. Migratory birds make a dangerous trip and it’s the duty of the tropical countries to ensure their survival.

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ProAves celebrated the VII Migratory Bird Festival
Wednesday 1 December 2010.

The VII Colombian Migratory Bird Festival linked more than 10,000 people across Colombia in leisure and cultural events and activities last October to spread knowledge about the amazing phenomenon of migration and the need to protect these species in Colombia.


VII Migratory Bird Festival 2010
Tuesday 19 October 2010.

October has come and we welcome 183 species of migratory birds that arrive in our country to celebrate the VII Migratory Bird Festival which, this year, will be held in 7 municipalities of Colombia.


Welcoming the arrival of Extreme Travelers to Colombia
Wednesday 11 November 2009.

This past October, the 6th Festival of Neotropical Migratory birds brought together more than 7,000 people in academic, leisure, and cultural activities undertaken to raise awareness of their plight and to help support the protection of these species in Colombia.


“Colombia welcomes the extreme travelers “
Friday 9 October 2009.

October came with the 6th Festival of Migratory Birds and with it we welcome these extremes travelers. From the 16th to the 25th various activities will take place throughout Colombia. In Bogota, El Jardín Batánico and ProAves have come together to have a varied program.


The extreme travellers are on their way to Colombia!
Monday 31 August 2009.

We are getting ready to welcome our migratory birds back to Colombia. We invite everyone to participate in the 6th Migratory Bird Festival held across the country from the 1st until the 23rd of October. We look forward on having you participate on various activities thanks to the support of US Fish & Wildlife Service.


ProAves celebrates International Migratory Bird Day
Tuesday 19 May 2009.

ProAves participated in the launch of the International Migratory Bird Day and the Bird Fest at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington D.C. We participated with many organizations in the race to raise awareness of bird migratory conservation.


Warm welcome for migrants in Colombia!
Monday 16 February 2009.

More than 8,000 people of all ages welcomed migratory birds in late 2008 in seven departments of Colombia and in the city of Bogotá through the V Migratory Bird Festival of ProAves, participating in many activities such as parades, workshops, talks, walks and birding trips.


Success of 4th Migratory Bird Festival
Tuesday 29 January 2008.

The Migratory Bird Festival of 2007, led by ProAves in Colombia, reached more than 13,000 people in a more than a fourth of the country, bringing environmental education to the community during October.


Great media coverage of the Migratory Bird Festival 2007!
Tuesday 4 December 2007.

The 2007 Migratory Bird Festival was hugely welcomed by both Colombian and the international media. More than 32 articles and broadcasts were published, reaching millions of people in Colombia.


The Migratory Bird Festival in the Andes begins
Friday 26 October 2007.

In front of an enthusiastic public at the Bogota Botanical Gardens on October 5, the Migratory Bird Festival began in the Andes, thanks to the support of American Bird Conservancy and NMBCA.