Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

National Protected Area training course held

23 July, 2012


The meeting was also attended by Executive Director Lina Daza Rojas, Director of Conservation and Protected Areas, Luis Felipe Barrera, the regional vice-principals of the different protected areas as well as representatives from the administrative area.

This time the Rangers were trained in various topics related to the conduct of protected areas such as signaling pathways, management of snakebite accidents, mowers and chainsaw management and repair of roads.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director, Lina Daza Rojas, presented the information portfolio on the work done by ProAves, she welcomed the Las Tángaras Bird Reserve and presented the annual report to all attendees which will be delivered to the Board.

At the same time she gave field work clothing to the Rangers and deputies of the reserves composed of a waterproof suit, pants, shirt, cap and shirt. Additionally, rangers were trained in office IT, the training was to perform clerical duties such as typing, file management, documents, etc. Similarly, ??a list of needs was made for security features and the administrative area provided advice on topics such as pension and severance pay, contract renewal letters and holidays, and resolved administrative issues concerns.

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Also, the Antioquian Civil Defense attendants at the meeting were trained in first aid procedures which were to be performed immediately in an emergency, also the new Joint Committee on Occupational Health (Copaso) was elected composed of ProAves Rangers Carlos Julio Rojas, Gonzalo Cardona and Administrative Coordinator, Anyesul Anzola.

During the meeting, approximately 1 km of landslides on the road leading to the Guaduas in the municipality of Carmen de Atrato was improved, with the hard work of over 20 people, directly benefiting the community located in the area of influence of the Las Tángaras Reserve.

This event was the perfect platform for exchanging experiences and feedback processes in each of the reserves by rangers and other staff, stimulating a better attitude towards the methods of biodiversity conservation of Colombia strengthening our corporate identity.

Thus ProAves continues in its efforts for the conservation of bird habitats in Colombia by training their protected areas team in order to ensure proper management of their reserves.

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