Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

No. 1: Loros Amenazados I

14 May, 2010


ProAves recognizing the importance of diffusion of many conservation efforts taking place in the country, has decided to launch a new journal, scientific and conservationist, to serve as a communication channel between institutions and people interested in conservation of biodiversity in Colombia.

Due to the high conservation priority of endangered parrot species, Fundación ProAves began an intensive search and monitoring program for the rarest and most threatened parrots in Colombia in 2002. However, it soon became apparent that it was important to extend parrot conservation actions on a national scale, involving ornithologists, conservationists, governmen-tal and non governmental institutions and the local communities. Therefore Fundación ProAves and Conservation International Colombia organized a workshop to develop a national action plan for the conservation of threatened parrots in Colombia, presented in this issue.

Estos son los archivos en formato PDF de la revista Conservación Colombiana 1:Loros Amenazados, Parte 1, para consultar y descargar.

image1 Conservación Colombiana 1 Portada y contraportada 
image2 Conservación Colombiana 1 Tabla de contenido 
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image8 Conservación Colombiana 1 Textos legales