Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

No. 8. Listado de Aves de Colombia 2009

8 April, 2010


 The “Checklist to the birds of Colombia 2009” has been published by ProAves and documents an increase in the number of bird species in Colombia from 1,870 species in 2008 to 1,871 species in 2009. Colombia officially remains the most diverse country for birds on the planet, with Peru and Brazil with 1,822 and 1,777 species, respectively.

Find here the PDF file to view and download for free.

image1 Listado de Aves de Colombia 2009 
image2 Yellow-throated Warbler 
Revista Conservación Colombiana Nº 8. Actualización página 87
image3 Checklist Revisión 2009 
Revista Conservación Colombiana Nº 8 Revisión páginas 80 – 86