Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Online Data Base

28 April, 2006

The Migratory Bird Program developed a system of online reporting and analysis that allows the retrieval of information.

To make information accessible and interactive to the public, the program builds a database online that allows every researcher attached report view and / or change its draft monitoring including information on catches and / or comments.

Also this tool allows users to sign up for free to see basic information on the recording of species and in the case of belonging to a project, data input capture, banding and observations. On this page you should report banded birds that people report in the field or occasionally caught.

The home page displays the general statistics of banding data and observations of the various projects under the system entered into the system.

This database was established as a valuable and effective search tool for decisions makers, researchers and the general public.