Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

ProAves at the Regional Forum of IUCN members

22 July, 2011


The first South American Forum of Members developed a three-day agenda of work, a methodology that sought to combine presentations by keynote sessions and group work techniques to provide feedback and prepare proposals, focusing on the following themes:

1. Update technical issues related to conservation and management of nature through parallel sessions with the invitation of specialists and experts.

2. Review and input to the initiative of One Program and the Global Program.

3. Review of progress of the 2009-2012 regional program and steps for a new regional program.

4. Preparation of recommendations and actions to be considered on the thematic lines with the collection of contributions and observations to the proposed 2013-2016 and review of the responsibilities and scope of the constituents. Establishment of a drafting group of the regional program.

5. Review of key governance issues on the agenda of the Council of IUCN.

6. Getting to know the World Nature Conservation Congress and mechanisms for participation of members.

7. Process of filing motions.

8. Information on the definition of candidates for Directors and formation of a monitoring group for the election process after the Forum.

For more information go to:Foro de miembros UICN 2011.

Colombian participants:

From left to right: Lina Daza, ProAves, Brigitte L.G. Baptiste, Institute Alexander von Humboldt, Sonia Peña Moreno, IUCN Switzerland, Andres Guhl, Quinaxi; Joao De Queiroz, South office IUCN, Julia Miranda Parques Naturales Nacionales and Elizabeth Taylor, CORALINA Corporation .

“Participation in this event was very important for strengthening relationships with leading conservation organizations in South America, likewise, the policies that frame the operation of the IUCN were made known, the situation and needs at regional level were identified and information was collected on the World Nature Conservation Congress, at which stage the participation of ProAves of Colombia in 2012 is essential.” said Lina Daza, Executive Director of ProAves.

Elizabeth Taylor, CORALINA Corporation; Lina Daza, ProAves; Inseob Lee, Director of the IUCN World Congress in Jeyu.

Baptiste LG Brigitte, Alexander von Humboldt Institute; Bernardo Ortiz, Traffic South America; Lina Daza, ProAves.