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ProAves bird database exceeds 270,000 records

31 May, 2011


Monday 30 November 2009.

ProAves wanted to leave a historic legacy of research conducted in Colombia, we have documented and maintained a database so that information recorded is used by the entire scientific community to benefit the conservation of birds in Colombia.

Currently ProAves has a database that contains 270.425 entries, of which 109.937 are collected records distributed in the following way: 92.264 for the program; 12.346 historical records; 5.327 that belong to agreements and 160.488 records of specific observations. This information has been obtained through the research undertaken through projects, agreements and explorations throughout Colombia.

Esfuerzo de muestreo de capturas 2003-2009 y número de individuos de especies por categorías registrados por años.

Catch Effort sampling 2003-2009 and number of individuals of species recorded by category for years.

The program has registered 1035 species of birds; representing 56% of birds, 115 species of birds have been reported only in conventions, historical data or other projects. For a total of 1191 representing 63% of the birds.

The effort to conserve birds throughout the national territory is a major concern for ProAves who took charge of implementing the monitoring program of 116 stations in 16 locations throughout Colombia. Seven years of monitoring over the Andes Mountain Range, the massif of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Chocó, the San Andres islands in the Colombian Caribbean and Malpelo in the Pacific Ocean as part of a strategic network for knowledge and conservation of birds, a work that has a mayor importance, now that the foundation acquired natural reserves for the conservation of the birds, focusing in them, and their influence in their areas.

Of the 88 globally threatened species by IUCN in 2004 found in Colombia, 50 species were recorded, corresponding to 57% of those listed as threatened.

For the conservation of these endangered species ProAves has been developing some projects for the conservation of these birds:

• Saving the Blue-billed Curassow (Crax alberti)
• Chicamocha Project for Preserving of nicefori Wren (Thryothorus nicefori) and Chestnut-bellied hummingbird (Amazilia castaneiventris)
• Corredor Norandino Project for this species: (Odonthophorus stropium, Hapalopssitaca amazonina, Coeligena prunellei, Macroagelaius subalaris) • Loros Amenazados Project divided into three subprojects: Cordillera Central (Bolborhynchus ferrugineifrons, Hapalopssitaca fuertesi and Leptosittaca branickii); Pyrrhura (Pyrrhura viridicata), Proyecto loro Orejiamarillo (Ognorhynchus icterotis)
• Migratory Bird Project, two subprojects: Golden-winged Walbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) and Cerulean Group (Dendroica cerulea).

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Results of the threatened species present in Data Base