Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

ProAves helps protect Paramo del Sol in Antioquia

10 May, 2011


Tuesday 4 January 2011.

The event took place in the House of Culture in the town of Urrao (Antioquia) and was framed within the support agreement between the Corporation for Sustainable Development of Urabá CORPOURABÁ and ProAves, to implement the wilderness management plan.

The workshop was attended by 22 people among who were representatives of the community action boards of the villages of El Saladito, Guapantal and La Magdalena, the Municipal Government, the Alfa Eco Group (GEA), the Urrao Public Service Company and the Urrao Institution of Education, The Chuscal.

Grallaria fenwickorum – Coeligena orina

“Threatened species that will benefit from future conservation actions”.

The methodology used was of briefings in which presentations were made of the work of CORPOURABÁ, the study discussed the current state of the Páramo del Sol and presented its management plan.

Additionally, there was a group effort where the program and project management plan were reviewed, identified by each institution and the people who attended, on how they can articulate their plans for 2011. Proposed projects were presented and responsibilities and potential resources were defined to implement the plan in a participatory manner by the users of the goods and services provided by the wilderness.

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Finally, the initiatives taken and progress in the formulation and implementation of the wilderness management plan by CORPOURABÁ, ProAves and Alfa Eco Group (GEA) were highlighted.

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