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Successful VI Banding course with emphasis on migratory and endangered birds

6 May, 2011


Tuesday 10 May 2011.

The course was attended by high-level instructors like Ian Hunter and Dave Fletcher of The Wetland Trust and Esteban Botero-D SELVA Association, in addition to the participation of 11 students from Colombia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.

During the same course theoretical and practical activities were developed where topics such as the migration of birds, endemic species, harvesting techniques, handling, banding and data collection, ethics of the bander, age determination by plumage, molt and ossification of the skull, determination of fitness of the bird through the records of fat and muscle and reproductive status, foraging ecology, habitat use and data analysis were discussed.

Banding activities during the course.

As a result of the practical activities 264 individuals were caught and released, of which 150 were banded, 36 were recaptured and 78 released unbanded. Some species banded were: Mionectes oleaginous, Manacus Manacus, Basileuterus rufifrons, Onychoryncus coronatus, Arremon schlegeli, Tersina Viridi, other migratory like Leiothlypis peregrina, Dendroica fusca, Contopus virens and other endemic species: Atlapetes melanocephalus, Arremon Basilicus, Basileuterus conspicillatus, Basileuterus Basilicus.

Also, participants, instructors and organizers expressed their satisfaction with the high academic standards, good logistics, facilities and human quality of all attendees.

Participants, organizers and instructors of the VI banding course.

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