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Pyrrhura calliptera

1 February, 2011



P. calliptera

The Brown-breasted Parakeet (P. calliptera) is considered a species vulnerable to extinction (VU) by IUCN, mainly because of its restricted geographical distribution, as is known in less than 10 localities (BirdLife International 2009). In each of these, it is assumed that the population has decreased and continues to decline due to habitat loss.

Since 2004 in the Municipality of Guasca (Cundinamarca) buffer zone of PNN Chingaza, ProAves has studied various aspects of reproductive biology of this parrot in the framework of the Pyrrhura Project. In general, P. calliptera often uses cavities in trees located in wooded pastures surrounded by secondary forest fragments, both for sleeping and nesting.

By implementing the Programme of artificial nests for several species of threatened parrots, it has been possible to get to know deeply various aspects of reproductive biology essential to develop more precise and realistic measurements about their conservation.