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Ranita Dorada Amphibian Reserve in DN Magazine

28 February, 2011


Thursday 26 November 2009.

The Dutch DN Magazine, specialized in the publication of Poison-dart frog news published an extensive article and video of the ProAves Ranita Dorada Amphibian Nature Reserve.

Dendrobatidae Nederland is an international association established and conformed by lovers of poison-dart frogs (Dendrobatidae), Mantella and other frogs. The main objective is to promote an appreciation of tropical forests of Latin America and Madagascar to promote the protection of frogs in their natural habitat and distribute as much information as possible regarding Dendrobatidaes and other tropical frogs. Currently, this entity supports conservation processes on the ProAves Ranita Dorada Amphibian Nature Reserve.

The association was established 20 year ago in 1989 to meet the growing interest in especially poisonous frogs and has over 1100 members worldwide.

Dendrobatidae Nederland publishes DN Magazine four times a year. It’s a magazine in full color directed not only at experts but at everyone who cares about nature and wants to know more about poison-dart frogs.


Ranita Dorada Amphibian Reserve, is the first amphibian reserve ever established and protects a unique forest for amphibians in the Cordillera Central of Colombia.

The Reserve encompasses an isolated wet subtropical forest fragment in a region dominated by coffee and pasturelands in the municipality of Falan, department of Tolima. The forest fragment was being cleared for agricultural uses in a region devoid of subtropical forest. The Reserve is the sole home to a large diversity of endangered amphibians, including two spectacular frogs; Swainson’s Poison-dart Frog (Ranitomeya doriswainsonae), and the Little Golden Poison-dart Frog (Ranitomeya tolimense) as well as other amphibian new to science and as yet undescribed.

Ranita Dorada Amphibian Reserve