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Recurve-billed Bushbird discovered at the Cerulean Warbler Reserve

22 February, 2011


Thursday 30 April 2009.

EcoTurs guides at ProAves’s Cerulean Warbler Nature Reserve in central Colombia have confirmed the presence of a small population of the near-endemic and endangered Recurve-billed Bushbird. It is estimated up to four pairs are present in dense scrub and forest on a steep slope beside the reserve lodge. Although elusive, a number of sightings confirmed the species presence, which is the first confirmation for the species and expands the species know range from Norte de Santander and Antioquia. ProAves and EcoTurs are establishing a Bushbird trail to allow greater access to territories for birding groups and researchers.


The Cerulean Warbler Nature Reserve already holds such endangered and endemic specialities as the Gorgeted Wood-quail, Colombian Mountain Grackle, Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird, Black Inca and White-mantled Barbet. Together with the Bushbird and over 300 bird species in the area, this reserve is unmissable for any birding trip to Colombia.

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