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Restoration and Reforestation

4 December, 2009



Restoration and reforestation.

The reforestation process started with the production of seedlings in light of the need to restore and enhance forest habitat. After the establishment of the reserves, the regeneration and restoration were also favored.

This program has developed various strategies for reforestation and restoration in order to meet each objective according to the needs of the projects:

  • Reforestation under shade for coffee and cacao.
  • Reforestation establishing Silvopastoral systems.
  • Reforestation of hedges.
  • Reforestation at spring sources.
  • Reforestation of the margins of rivers and streams.
  • Restoration of the old pastures on the reserves.
  • Natural regeneration in pastures of the reserves.
  • Donations to the community and recovery of micro basins.
  • Donation of trees to comply with the commitments in the easements.



Frontino (Antioquia).

The reforestations carried out are given a monthly maintenance monitoring and clean up of the grass and, when required, fertilizer is applied to the plants: this is done together with the owners of the lands and in the presence of a member of the group.

In addition, each reforested farm also has a coordinate which indicates its location, this is especially useful when working with reforestation for the runners.

Finally, during these 7 years with the reforestation program over 1,200 acres of pastures, margins of streams and rivers in different parts of the country have been replanted and restored, not just giving a proper management of these areas but also providing a food supply for wildlife.

Every process of reforestation that we do is based on the following methodologies:

  • They are done ??especially in the rainy season.
  • Stalls maintaining promising trees.
  • Elaboration of the holes.
  • Density of planting, 200 trees as shade.
  • Seeding density 3×3 in recovery of pastures.
  • Diversification of plants according to the ecosystem properties.
  • Trees are not isolated when working as shade or within the reserves but they are established in Silvopastoral systems.
  • Organic fertilizer is given when planting as required.



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Monday 16 February 2009.

ProAves is clearing non-native invasive pines in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, around El Dorado Bird Reserve, and replacing them with thousands of native trees important for the native fauna. We urgently seek volunteers to help clear pines and reforest.