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Restoring Native Habitat for Migratory Birds

16 May, 2011


Thursday 10 December 2009.

For almost two years and thanks to the support of ABC, Usfws y NMBCA we have in the Corridor Reinita Cerúlea and in the Amphibian Nature Reserve of Ranita Dorada 3 temporary nurseries with a total capacity of 90.000 seedlings. The production is based on the selection of seedlings that provide resources for wildlife, humans and agroforestry systems. 

So far a total of 165.114 seedlings of 56 native species have been produced including species of flora that are under some degree of threat such as: Sweitenia macrophylla (Mahogany), Cariniana pyriformis (Abarco) and Quercus humboldtii (Oak).

In this way 30 hectares have been reforested in silvopastoral systems, 60 hectares of coffee in the shade and 12 hectares of cocoa in open zones (pasture recovery) for a total of 102 hectares.

This process has been joined by 8 community action groups for the paths through which the Corridor passes and in the area of Frías in Falán and more than 50 families not only with reforestation but also with training in reforestation and management of the same delivering educational material which also serves to support those skills.