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Second year of the Golden-winged Warbler project

11 March, 2011


Monday 10 May 2010.

In addition to bringing the project to over 20 locations in these two years, the results of 2009 and 2010 show that the species is distributed in the Colombian Andes between 1500 and 2200 m elevation, although there have been some under and above that range. It is also clear that apart from using fragments of native forest in good condition, they frequent shrubs, stubble, coffee plantations and open vegetation with scattered trees.


Coffee plantations visited by the Golden-winged WarblerSocialization with the community in Genova, Quindío.

The density ratios obtained were quite low, like in 2009, with two individuals per km 2. It is assumed that this low density is a result of their aggressive and territorial behaviour, as the species seems to patrol relatively large areas for a bird of its size. However, the project’s researchers and collaborators detected in some cases, two males foraging nearby.


Photographic records in the Natural Reserve of Birds Arrierito Antioqueño Anorí, Antioquia.

One of the most striking records was obtained in the Amphibian Nature Reserve Ranita Dorada in the municipality of Falan, Tolima, where they documented the interaction and aggression among males, while one of these seemed to defend the territory and its position in the mixed flock of the other individual. As if this were not enough, one of the individuals issued vocalizations for more than seven minutes, and responded to playback of the song with a twist, something quite rare in migratory species.

In summery, the results suggest the need for more surveys to permit the collection of information about their ecology, abundance and distribution in order to carry out the conservation plan for the species.

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