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Discover ProAves Bird Reserves in videos

10 March, 2011


Thursday 11 February 2010.

As a strategy for outreach and awareness, ProAves Foundation has produced some promotional videos of their most beautiful and accessible nature reserves, where they show their great attraction for ecotourism and conservation actions, research and environmental education team of the Foundation performed in each area.

In them we find the location of the reserves, their landscapes, forests and diverse flora and fauna, represented among other groups in a variety of birds, some endangered and endemic to Colombia, as well as endemic and threatened monkeys and frogs, also their trails and their comfortable facilities, equipped with comfortable rooms with beautiful views and excellent restaurants with typical food.

Some of the activities in the reserves are the growing and planting of trees produced with the support of the wardens and the children of the Ecological Group Friends of the Birds, the maintenance of artificial nests installed for threatened parrots and handicraft production by the group Women for conservation and research and birdwatching.

ProAves invites all nature lovers in Colombia and abroad to visit these wonderful places, with the assurance that not only will they live an unforgettable experience, but contribute to the preservation of these sites because the money that comes under this heading is invested exclusively in conservation by the company that manages the ecotourism reserves ProAves EcoTurs.

Income and visits: Contact EcoTurs in the Carrera 20 No. 36 – 61, Bogota, Colombia, telephone             (57) (1) 287-6592      , or

El Dorado Bird Reserve



Yellow-eared parrot Bird Reserve


Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve


El Paujil Bird Reserve


Fuertes’s Parrot Bird Reserv


Loros Andinos Bird Reserve


Ranita Dorada Amphibian Reserve


Chestnut-capped piha Bird Reserve


Dusky starfrontler Bird Reserve