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Seeking for graduates and interns in the program of parrots

31 May, 2011

Monday 8 February 2010.

Seeking for graduates and interns in the program of threatened parrots

Fundación ProAves Program under the Endangered Parrots opens a call for those interested in doing work degrees, internships and volunteering in several of the Foundation’s reserves with 7 species: Yellow-eared Parrot, Indigo-winged Parrot, Pyrrhura viridicata, Pyrrhura calliptera, Pyrrhura caeruleiceps, Golden-plumed Parakeet, Barred ferrugineifrons, Hapalopsittaca amazonina.


a) Monitoring populations of parrot species in the regions mentioned above where they are. Register density of population, reproductive traits, behavioural and analysis of the relationship between reproductive success and the phenology of plants associated with the species.

b) Monitoring the success of artificial nests located in the various reserves.

c) Support in training community members in various regions where the program of threatened parrots is being developed.


To have worked in the field, preferably with birds, ecological knowledge, available time, enthusiastic.

Profile: Biology and ecology student of past semesters interested in ecology and conservation of the birds of Colombia

The Foundation will cover travel expenses, room and board for this activity.

The site:

— Roncesvalles (Tolima): RNA Loros Andinos

— Jardin (Antioquia): RNA- Loro Orejiamarillo

— Cajamarca (Tolima): RNA fuertesi

— Cubarral (Meta)

— Santa Marta (Magdalena): RNA El Dorado

— Urrao (Antioquia): RNA Colibrí del Sol

— Ocaña (Santander): RNA Hormiguero de Torcoroma

— Genova (Quindio): Municipal Reserve El Mirador

Interested students send resume and letter of intent to fundació, and

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