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17 March, 2011


Friday 31 July 2009.

This is an easy user-friendly didactic tool that will allow you to know more about the conservation activities, about the beautiful natural reserves and how to apply to participate. Find in this space the ideal place to know more about the Eco-volunteers team and hot you can contribute to the conservation in the country of birds.

ProAves offers the Ecovolunteers Programme in three of the Reserves: El Dorado, El Paujil and Reinita Cielo azul. Volunteers will develop activities such as research, conservation, environmental education, communitarian service, plant conservation, agro-forestry and maintenance of the reserves, all with the aim to promote biological diversity conservation, research, and education and communitarian projects being carried out daily by ProAves.

Eco-volunteers Programme

The work of our Ecovolunteers is being supervised and supported by resident researchers, environmental education instructors and administrative personnel; each week different activities will be carried out related to the different projects of each reserve. This programme offer appropriate accommodation structures to host the volunteers.

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