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Threatened Parrot Action Plan being developed

8 February, 2011


Tuesday 12 January 2010.

Workshop for socialization and discussion of the Plan for Conservation of Threatened Parrots of Colombia 2010 – 2020

The objective to the workshop is the consideration of the Plan for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots in Colombia 2010 – 2020, which is enshrined in the National Policy for Biodiversity and the Convention of Biological Diversity, prepared by the Foundation ProAves of Colombia within the National Programme for the conservation of threatened parrots that has been developed since 1998 in conjunction with local communities and environmental agencies.

This Programme has been promoted by Fundación Loroparque and has the support of a large number of local organizations.

The Plan for Conservation of Threatened Parrots of Colombia 2010 – 2020 focuses on the species of threatened parrots of Colombia under IUCN categories and other species not included about which information has been compiled that permits their inclusion in this, such as:

· Military Macaw – Ara Militaris (VU)

· Great Green Macaw – Ara ambiguus (EN)

· Yellow-eared Parrot – Ognorhynchus icteriotis (CR)

· Golden-plumed Parakeet – Leptosittaca branickii (VU)

· Santa Marta Parakeet – Pyrrhura viriditaca (EN)

· Maroon-tailed Parakeet – Pyrrhura melenura

· Brown-breasted Parakeet – Pyrrhura calliptera (VU)

· Rufoud-fronted Parakeet – Bolborhynchus ferrugineifrons (VU)

· Spot-winged Parrotlet – Touit stictopterus (VU)

· Saffron-headed Parrot – Pyrilia pyrilia (NT)

· Ruty-faced Parrot – Hapalopsittaca amazonina (VU)

· Indigo-Winged Parrot – Hapalopsittaca fuertesi (CR)

The document contains:

1. A general framework of the national plan, with aspects of reference and methodological framework developed for its construction.

2. A detailed analysis for each priority species, including analysis of its distribution, population trends, ecology, habitat use and conservation status as well as actions proposed for specific conservation.

3. A national conservation plan that meets the most important aspects to consider for the general maintenance of this group of species.

The plan is aimed at researchers, conservationists and government representatives responsible for managing natural resources that have an impact on priority areas for the protection of the Parrots of Colombia, so that collectively they can comply with the proposed objectives for the next ten years.

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