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Two new species of moth discovered in El Dorado Reserve

29 March, 2021


Two hawk moths (Sphingids: Sphingidae) were described in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta where several bird watchers had photographed and reported them in El Dorado ProAves Reserve.

This month, researchers from Paris and France described moths from the Sphingidae family after collecting singles in 2016 near the Reserve. The new species: the Tayrona Hawk Moth (Xylophanes tayrona) and El Dorado Hawk Moth (Xylophanes camilae) are based on morphological characters, DNA barcodes, diagnoses, distribution maps, and genital photographs. Besides, the study provides structures and habitats for each new species and provides a key to identify the new species within the group.

Moths remain a little-known and poorly informed group of animals. Further, this document highlights the importance of El Dorado ProAves Reserve for endemic and undescribed species and also the importance of citizen scientists taking photographs and sharing them online.

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