Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

University training and research in our reserves

25 July, 2012



ProAves has 5 reserves open to the public and placed in several of the most important maintained ecosystems in Colombia.

These reserves have excellent accommodation, meeting rooms, canteens, electricity, mobile communication and trails; besides it is also possible to observe species of several orders in different degrees of threat, allowing researchers, academia and visitors to increase logistically knowledge of biodiversity in the environment as a formative experience.

It is a target for ProAves to make available and provide the best conditions for the academic community to develop university practices and field research for undergraduate work, master’s or doctoral degrees, with subsidized entry costs and all-risk insurance.

We want this opportunity to be the beginning of investigations of flora and fauna that contribute to the knowledge of our biodiversity and academic practices that facilitate the training of future professionals.

Research interest: ecology, biology and inventories of all Infrastructure orders


Rooms / beds Hiking / Km Camping Meeting workspace
El Paujil Bird Reserve
6/32 8 Yes Yes
Las Tángaras Bird Reserve
8/22 5 No Yes
Chestnut-capped Piha Bird Reserve 4/12 6 Yes No
El Pangán Bird Reserve
12/45 12 No Yes
Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve
6/25 5 No Yes



Income (including insurance)*
Group 4 – 10* $15.000 x night 
Researchers $35.000  x week / min 4 weeks
Groups (with remittance) $30.000 x group / max 10
Researches / groups (no remittance) $20.000 day / night

All bookings include:

  • Services like electricity, water, 3G internet
  • Research permits

Description of the Birds Nature Reserves

Paujil Tángaras Chestnut-capped Piha
Pángan Cerulean Warbler
Habitat Rain forest to tropical rain forest Super-tropical montane tropical Premontane rainforest   Very wet tropical basal forest to premontane   Premonate rainforest
Eastern Cordillera, Magdalena River valley of Boyacá and Santander West of the western range of the central area high Atrato, Chocó Northeast of the central mountains of Antioquia South Pacific slope, Nariño Mountains of Yariguíes, western slopes of the Cordillera Oriental of Santander
Elevation 623-3116 6223-12467 4921-6233 1640-6223 4412-6561
T max and min 91ºF y 71ºF 66ºF y 51ºF 68ºF y 53ºF 71ºF y 59ºF 60ºF y 82ºF
320 sp of birds (8 endemic and 8 threatened) 250 sp of birds (7 endemic and 15 threatened) 216 sp of birds (5 endemic and 8 threatened) 369 sp of birds (49 endemic and 19 threatened) 297 sp of birds (8 endemic and 9 threatened)
Biodiversidad 43 sp non-flying mammals (18 threatened) and 24 sp mammals 24 sp of mammals 36 sp non-flying mammals (10 threatened)
32 sp of amphibians and 46 reptiles 16 sp of amphibians and 9 reptiles 20 sp of amphibians and 9 reptiles 21 sp of amphibians and 17 reptiles

For more information contact:

Research Director: Alexander Monsalve

ProAves, Cra 20 No. 36-61, Bogota, DC

Tel: (57-1) 3403229 / 340326 Fax (57-1) 3403285