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95 new artificial nests in Andean Parrot Corridor

10 May, 2011


Tuesday 22 June 2010.

ProAves continues making great efforts to provide threatened parrot species, endemic Andean and almost endemic species, safe places to nest, thereby increasing and stabilizing the populations of these birds so affected by deforestation, timber extraction for industrial and artesian work and expanding the agricultural and livestock frontier that is killing the habitat.

construction and transportation of artificial nests

In the past two months and within the Artificial Nests Program, 95 new nests were installed in five villages to benefit as many species.

In Jardín, Antioquia 20 nests were installed which are hoped to be occupied by the Yellow-eared Parrot (Ognorhynchus icteriotis); in Cajamarca, Tolima 20 more were installed to be used by the Indigo-winged Parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi); in Genoa, 30 were installed in Quindío for the Golden-plumed parakeet (Leptosittaca branickii) and the Indigo-winged Parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi); 5 in Roncesvalles, Tolima and 20 in Urrao, Antioquia for the Rusty-faced Parrot (Hapalopsittaca amazonina).


After installation and during the breeding season the monitoring process begins, where, periodically, observations are make to determine the use of nests by the species, once confirmed its occupation, weekly monitoring is done with the objective in mind to obtain data from the reproduction of the parrots found inside. This monitoring is done by observing the constant coming and going of one of the parents while the other is the full time process of incubation. The monitoring continues until hatching. After three weeks the nest is explored to determine the number of chicks, assessing the rate of growth through morphometry and finally ringing them to identify and monitor their post-reproductive destiny.

Once the chicks have left the nest its status is reviewed in order to repair cracks, replace the substrate and fumigate to eliminate parasites that may affect the health of parents or chicks and leave them in perfect condition for the next breeding season.


We appreciate the generous support of 29 adoptive parents and especially to Brenton Head and Felipe Soto who recently made the donation for the construction, installation, monitoring and maintenance for one year of five artificial nests for the following species: two for the Yellow-eared parrot, 1 for the Indigo-wingend Parrot, one for the Santa Marta parakeet and 1 for the Brown-breasted parakeet.

Program Adopt an artificial nest

You can help prevent the extinction of a species of parrot in Colombia through the program, which will sponsor the construction and installation of an artificial nest, their monitoring and maintenance for one year. You can support us through your donation online .


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