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Nest boxes provide hope for Santa Marta Parakeet

10 May, 2011


Friday 9 October 2009.

The Santa Marta Parakeet is an endangered and endemic species to the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, for this reason, since 2006 the nests were installed in the El Dorado Bird Reserve with the objective of the study and the conservation of the Santa Marta Parakeets (Pyrrhura viridicata).

By monitoring the artificial nests since 2006, we have gained important knowledge of various aspects of its biology, reproductive habits and filmed the interior of several active nests. It is important to highlight the importance of the maintenance of the nests in order to ensure clean and reliable boxes for successful nesting.

Nidos El Palmar, estado y ubicación en el sendero El Palmar.

Nests of El Palmar, the State and Location of the El Palmar’s Route.

The work done by ProAves for the parakeets, has focused their actions in relocating the artificial nests in other frequented areas by the parakeets, maintenance of the nests by refilling the substratum; closing any extraneous holes in the nests to limit competition from other species; general repairs; fixing the openings for the video cameras; changing the heights of the nests; and taking away the nests that have been colonized by bees.

By accomplishing these activities we hope that we can optimize the use of the artificial nests by the time of the Santa Marta parakeet’s mating season next year.

Adopt a nesting box

You can help us to save a species of Colombian parrot from extinction through the Adopt A Nest programme. By adopting a nest, you will be sponsoring the building and installation of a nesting box, along with the monitoring and maintenance of that box for a whole year. You can support us by donating online.