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Amparo Crafts has received a Fair Trade certificate in the UK

29 July, 2011


Amparo Crafts, marketing the product page of Women for Conservation, has received a BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Shops) certificate, this certification tells our customers that the way we do business primarily benefits artisans, and the work of Women for Conservation adheres completely or is working towards full compliance with the 10 regulations WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization), these include: fair payment for the hand made products, contribute to the conservation of the environment, not to employ children in the making of products, having a good democratic relationship with the artisans where women’s work is properly valued and rewarded, among others.

Members of the program making jewelry.

Fair trade is based on cooperation between producers and consumers. The producers have fairer and more profitable commercial terms, this allows them to improve their living conditions and make future plans. For consumers, fair trade is an effective way to reduce poverty through their everyday purchases, source (Fairtrade International).

In this sense, the ProAves project, Women for Conservation, through Amparo Crafts, has trained women in four rural populations of Colombia in the use of natural resources for making crafts, and offers them business opportunities to help relieve pressure on natural resources in protected reserves.

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