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The wetlands of Bogotá – habitat for birds of Colombia

29 July, 2011


The activity was held on May 28th in the community room of St. Mary of the Lake, district of Bogotá, thanks to the Association EcoVida course developed for the community, with the attendance of 40 people interested in learning about the importance of conserving wetlands and wildlife associated with these ecosystems.

Attendees at the presentation.

The presentation was based on the characteristics of a wetland and its importance, on the other hand the most representative species of wetlands in Bogotá and Cundinamarca were selected, classifying them in local species, endemic species (endangered) and migratory species, she also spoke about the bird species associated with wetlands that have not had any new records and finally she explained the 4 important aspects to help shape an environmental group in a community: 1) Conservation and Recovery, 2) Environmental education and Recovery, 3) Planning and Environmental Management and 4) Environmental Management.

ProAves is grateful to Mr. Juan Jose Senior from the Association EcoVida for the invitation to the Wetlands Course and also the participation and support of the Foundation Natural Planet.

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