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ARA’s and Pride campaigns now in Génova and Jardín

22 August, 2012


“If you want to have a future, forests and water you must protect” – that accompanies the campaign slogan in Jardín, Antioquia.

The objective of the campaign is to encourage high mountain farmers to conserve their sources and other natural resources, especially the basins Quebrada La Bonita and La Mendoza.

Past June we launched the Pride Campaign in the town of Jardín, Antioquia, which included the active participation of the public institutions of the town like the Town Hall, Undersecretary of Rural Development and Environment, DMI cuchilla Jardín-Támesis, Public Companies, City Council, the Caramatarruba Indigenous Community and urban residents.

With the delivery of the project according to the Mayor of Jardín in May, great buzz and interest was created in implementing the Reciprocal Water Agreements (RWA/ARAS) as a key measure for the town, one of the activities that raised most motivation among the inhabitants of Jardín was the development of the logo and the slogan that champion the campaign, this activity helped to promote pride and awareness to help the conservation of flagship species such as the Yellow-eared Parrot.

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ProAves Foundation has developed a strong working socialization with institutions that have an impact on decision-making in environmental matters, as in the case of the Mayor and City Council, and CORANTIOQUIA & the Agri-environmental Unit who were present during the activities.

“If you take care of Río Gris, Génova will be happy “- slogan that accompanies the campaign in the town of Genova, Quindío.

During the month of May we make the official launch of the Pride Campaign in this county with the slogan “If you take care of Río Gris, Génova will be happy.” Event allowed the community to socialize and institutions the project by presenting cultural events (puppet plays, spots and banners); in addition to encouraging, motivating and initiating actions for the conservation of biodiversity in the town.

Likewise, a consensus workshop was established with the High mountain inhabitants of the villages of Río Gris which identified what kind of incentive landowners required to conserve waterbasins and watersheds that supply municipal aqueduct. Among the inhabitants interest was perceived in participating in the process to improve and recover their natural resources.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Génova Mr. Albert Cañas, City Council members, some educational institutions, the Environmental Police and Community officials of the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Quindío (CRQ), members of the Avizor Foundation, and owners of high mountain farms, the Civil Defense and representatives of Community Action Committees, among others.

Actions in the two municipalities have shown institutional willingness to address the concern of preserving and protecting environmental services and resources and ensure future generations and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants also demonstrated high commitment and the interest of landowners and hard work of environmental work, social and community that ??ProAves has made supported by Loro Parque Fundación over these 13 years.

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